Works for you and your employees

Easy to train

OfficeAmp is damn easy to train and setup. Just feed the questions within the beautiful dashboard and see OA become a beast of an assistant.

Instant answers

Have a question? Just ask OfficeAmp, no separate FAQs, webpages or constantly questioning other people for basic answers.

Efficiency galore

Remove the mundane tasks from the plate of the working people and see work efficiency skyrocket. Free up both your mangers and employees for tasks that matter.

Knowledge-base the easy way

No limits

Cover every scenario, train for every situation, upload as many questions, as many answers as needed.

Truly smart

OfficeAmp isn’t rigid or a grammar nazi. It understands paraphrasing and nuance in the questions asked and answers accordingly.

Intelligence Delivered

Not all answers can be answered using the power of words. Answers can contain visual aids, web-links, etc. that help an answer contain context.

Knowledge base keeps track of all types of useful information

One simple plan for all your needs

We offer a 14-day trial for you to test out our product in all its glory.




Per User, per month

+$29 Base fee per month

When billed annually