Creating issuses is ridiculously easy

Employees have a request but don't know whom to ask.
OfficeAmp is the hub for making any requests they have.


Create issues as you find them according to your need. Create by category.

Assign & Track

Assign issues to people, re assign, track progress, send reminders.

The ultimate ticketing experience

Office Management does not get easier than this.

Instant Notifications

Keep up with all your needs in in Slack or Teams itself. Get notified of all raised tickets anytime, anywhere.

Take control

Define rules to route issues to different people, load balance work across your team, run reports, track metrics.


All issues are categorized and prioritized, so you are always working on what is most important

One place to manage all tickets

Requests board for more efficiency

A neat kanban experience that lets you see all
your active tickets and keep up with all activity.

Ticket analysis for better performance

Helpdesk tickets analysis

A stats dashboard for analysing all your tickets
with comparison to help you identify the gaps
in your system and fix them.

One simple plan for all your needs

We offer a 14-day trial for you to test out our product in all its glory.




Per User, per month

+$29 Base fee per month

When billed annually