Streamline chores around the office
like a hero

Collect, manage and resolve issues in Slack in realtime

Squash issues in just 4 easy steps


Let OfficeAmp know your issue. We will then help you categorize and prioritize it and then automatically route it to right person to take care of it.
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Get organized and do knowledge management right inside Slack

Set up your knowledge base

Build a collection of your company’s most
commonly asked questions.

Let OfficeAmp save you time

OfficeAmp’s intelligently answers the most common questions
from your team, so you only have to answer the tough ones.


New issue are automatically assigned to the default admin based on rules you define. The admin can reassign the issue to someone else.


Ask for more information on the issue, add notes for the issue originator, set an ETA or take other actions while working on the issue.


Once you take care of the issue, just resolve it and OfficeAmp will notify the issue originator.

OfficeAmp helps you build a productive and happy workplace

Everything in Slack

Get all requests in one place. No more emails, texts, calls and people stopping by your desk.

Organize and prioritize

All issues are categorized and prioritized, so you are always working on what is most important.

Take control

Define rules to route issues to different people, load balance work across your team, run reports, track metrics.

Summon anytime, anywhere

We are with you on all of your devices. Dont know whom to ask your questions? Fear not, we will route your issue to the right person, auto-magically.

AI to your assist

Log issues with fewer clicks. Our AI helps you categorize and prioritze your issues.

Get stuff done

Your admins can be busy at times. OfficeAmp lets you nudge your admins, ask for an update or provide more information to your admin.