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Issue Management

Manage all employee requests, IT Tickets and Workplace Service Orders in one place

Simplified knowledge management starting at $1 USD


Build a robust knowledge base of things around the office - guest wifi password, pantry secrets, etc.

All your questions, answered

With simple statements like the light above my desk is flickering or the pantry is out of coffee or I need a new mouse, you can create issues for your office manager. OfficeAmp intelligently categorises the issues and sends it to your office manager/admin. You can choose to edit the urgency and category of the expense before confirming it.

Oh definitely! Just type issues and tap on the Nudge button to nudge the person responsible for resolving that issue.

When the office manager/admin resolves your issue, you will get an instant update, along with remarks if any.

Just open a support ticket for us on our support portal (the same portal where you're reading this) or type dialm to talk to our customer success team via our live support from right inside Slack or Teams. We love to hear from you :)

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