Now efficient delivery management right inside Slack

So easy, smart and intuitive

Step 1

Delivery is made and
logged into slack

Step 2

The recipient is notified
about the parcel on Slack

Step 3

Recipient, signs off the

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A super simple attendance management and time tracking bot for Slack teams. Talk to our bot with simple messages to apply for leaves, working remotely, punching in/out and generate real-time reports.

An expense tracking bot for Slack which easily integrates with like QuickBooks Online or Xero. Simply send messages about expenses or drop receipts to automatically categorise, file and send expenses for approval.

A bot for office managers to make workplace efficient by giving employees a one stop shop in Slack for all of their requests and questions. Need a snack in pantry? Want to book a flight? Simply message OfficeAmp and get stuff done.